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Nevis LLC Formation and Management

A Nevis LLC is a fantastic choice for businesses and individuals

A Nevis Limited Liability Company (LLC) when formed will be a separate legal entity to that of its owners (members). The legislation states that the LLC is solely liable for its own debts, liability and obligations, hence provides strong liability protection to the members (owners) from creditors. The LLC may have at least just one member. but this is not often used if the goal is asset protection.

The Nevis Limited Liability Company Ordinance was enacted in 1995 and offers strong asset protection to its members in the event that the LLC is sued. Section 20 of the said LLC Ordinance provides added protection to its members by stating that a case brought against the LLC and naming a member or manager is grounds for a dismissal.

Benefits of Forming an LLC in Nevis

  • Asset protection for the company
  • Liability protection for the owners/members
  • Low formation and annual renewal rates Formation can be completed in 24hrs.
  • Confidentiality – Owners names are not part of public records
  • May own land, homes, businesses and other assets that are outside St. Kitts and Nevis
  • May be managed by the manager exclusive of members or by members as members

As the scope of doing business is dynamic, some amendments were made to the Ordinance as recent as ​2019. We recommend that persons who wish to form a Nevis LLC with Acme Trust Services Limited for asset protection strategies that they seek legal advice before contacting us.

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There are dozens of companies in Nevis that provide offshore type services. So the choice can be a little bit overwhelming. A friend of ours recommended Acme and we were glad that they did. Acme helped us set up an offshore LLC in Nevis and an offshore bank account for our LLC. It all went according to plan. Any time you set up anything offshore it always takes longer than domestically so that is to be expected.
Jessica is absolutely fantastic to work with. We were delighted. We have worked with some other offshore companies and they can often be difficult to reach or they take a long time, sometimes even days, to respond to simple questions. But not Acme. They answered every little question we had and did so promptly and helped us out from start to finish. If you want to set up anything in Nevis we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend calling Acme.

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I used Acme to set up some Nevis offshore LLCs and a Nevis Trust. They did the work quickly and kept me posted throughout. I’ll keep using their services going forward. I have no hesitation recommending Acme Trust for setting up Nevis offshore entities.

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Set up a Nevis LLC

The IBC and LLC although similar have some differences. The IBC refers to shareholders and directors whereas the LLC will simultaneously refer to members and managers.  The IBC refers to Bylaws and the LLC refers to Operating Agreement.  Some clients can identify with an LLC whereas others may feel comfortable with an IBC, but both entities can do the same thing.

Absolutely! Once we submit the documents on a weekday other than a Friday, we will have access to the electronic copies the next day to submit to you. Should you want the documents the very same day, this can be done by paying a rushed administrative fee.

A completed Questionnaire, a Customer Assessment form, and a Source of Funds/Wealth Declaration form. A Financial Records and Documents Declaration are to be completed once the entity is registered.

  1. One (1 ) original professional reference letter completed by a CPA or an Attorney on their letterhead with contact information addressed to Acme Trust Services Limited or To Whom It May Concern;
  2. One (1) original bank reference letter on the bank’s letterhead with contact numbers addressed to Acme Trust Services Limited or To Whom It May Concern;
  3. Two (2) pieces of coloured high-quality picture identification that are notarised (valid passport (photo and signature page only) and driver’s licence or any other recognised photo identification) and;
  4. One (1) original or notarised copy of your most recent utility bill (water or electricity) to confirm your residential address (no P. O. Box).

The total cost for setting up an LLC inclusive of our professional fees, government fees and disbursements is U$1,540.00. The annual renewal cost for an LLC is US$900.00 which includes government fees and our professional fees as Registered Agent and Registered Office as well as an annual client profiling and risk assessment, as required by law.
Additional fees will apply if you want us to act as corporate Managers or members. As LLCs are no longer tax-exempt, the following year after the LLC has been registered, it is required by law for the LLC to file an annual Company Income Tax (CIT) form to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).
Even if the company has no income, it is still required to file the CIT form. The fee that we charge is $150.00 and an invoice will be issued when notification is given by the IRD that the form can be filed. The same will apply to an IBC.

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