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Nevis IBC Incorporation

Nevis Corporation is perfect for companies wanting to do international trade.

A Nevis Business Corporation (NBC) is comparable to what is often referred to as an International Business Corporation (IBC).

A Nevis IBC can have one or more directors. These directors can be natural persons or corporations. A corporation has the capability of purchasing or redeeming its shares. A corporation can issue both registered and bearer shares (when opening a bank account bearer shares are often not accepted). The bearer share certificate must be held by a custodian and proper records must be maintained.

Benefits of a Nevis Corporation

  • Companies formed in other jurisdictions can be re-domiciled to Nevis.
  • Directors, Officers and Shareholders may reside anywhere.
  • Filing of annual return is not necessary.
  • The identity of Beneficial owners and Shareholders are not required to be filed publicly.
  • Separate legal entity to that of its owners.
  • Incorporation can be completed in 24 hours.
  • Registration and annual renewal fees are low.

The Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance was legislated in 1984 and over the years has been amended in order to provide flexible statutes so that Nevis can continue to be known as a preferred and favourable offshore jurisdiction.

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Nevis Corporation FAQ

Incorporating an IBC in Nevis

A Nevis Business Corporation, which is usually referred to as an IBC, can have one or more directors or shareholders. These directors and shareholders can be natural persons or corporations.

We will need a certificate of good standing for the corporation, notarised copies of its Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation (or its equivalent), the registers of its shareholders and directors along with their Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation.

The short answer is yes. The secretary will be responsible for ensuring that all the Registers are up to date and that proper Minutes are taken. The secretary will be also responsible for signing certain documents of the company along with Share certificates if necessary.

Such a request must be approved by the shareholders and the resolution to be submitted by the director of the company. However, before this process is completed, that person will need to complete the necessary forms and submit the relevant KYC documentation. That person will also have to be reviewed before Acme Trust approves that person the act as a director or a shareholder.

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