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Extensive experience in Nevis financial services

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Do offshore business in Nevis with confidence

ACME Trust Services knows that you want to feel safe and secure when doing business offshore in Nevis. A reliable asset protection partner is the only way to accomplish this.

The problem is that there are lots of local laws to wrap your head around. Some things aren’t clear, and there are some jurisdictions where you might still be exposed and not as secure as you think. Moreover, doing business with some financial services providers can be tricky. Some are not as knowledgeable as they pretend to be. Others are not responsive, and leave clients waiting for information and a process that takes too long.

Challenges of doing business offshore

  • Local laws and regulations can be difficult to understand;
  • Some services providers are not as knowledgeable and reliable as they claim;
  • Providers are often not responsive, leaving clients waiting for information;
  • You might end up spending a lot more that you need to.

ACME Trust Services can help

We know how important it is for you to feel secure when getting your financial structures set up. We know how important this is for your peace of mind. That’s why our firm’s singular focus is giving our clients a reliable means of setting up offshore financial structures in Nevis.

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We make it easy for individuals, companies and institutions to protect their assets in Nevis

ACME Trust Services is highly reliable and professional and is your best choice for financial services on the island of Nevis.

Nevis Registered and Licensed

Rest assured that you are dealing with a reputable firm, registered and licensed with the Nevis Financial Services Registry.

Responsive and Fast

Our approach is fast and efficient, and we respond to requests in a timely manner to ensure you get your business done quickly.

A Reliable, Local Team

Our team lives in Nevis. We understand the culture and the local legislation to ensure you get the best service.

Over 20 years of Experience

We have a lot of experience doing exactly this for hundreds of clients from all over the world. You will be in good hands.

Personalized Service

Get personalized service tailored exactly to your specific needs.

A Small Team to Serve You

Our size means that we handle each client personally. You will always have a real person to speak to whenever you call.

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What our clients are saying

Acme in Nevis is great to work with and their communication is superb, especially compared to their competitors – which they have many of. They are responsive and easy to work with. That is a rare quality for a lot of offshore agents. if you’re looking for a good agent to handle Nevis set ups, Acme will serve you well. They might not be the cheapest, but you definitely get what you pay for.

A review from “CowboySailor” on

Acme helped us set up a Nevis LLC and corporate account at the Bank of Nevis. It’s been opened and we’ve been using it now for a couple of years. Acme is always response and helpful. If you’re looking to set up a Nevis company and account, these guys are great.

A review from “ED67” on

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We work

We will need a certificate of good standing for the corporation, notarised copies of its Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation (or its equivalent), the registers of its shareholders and directors along with their Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation.

The short answer is yes. The secretary will be responsible for ensuring that all the Registers are up to date and that proper Minutes are taken. The secretary will be also responsible for signing certain documents of the company along with Share certificates if necessary.

The short answer is yes. The secretary will be responsible for ensuring that all the Registers are up to date and that proper Minutes are taken. The secretary will be also responsible for signing certain documents of the company along with Share certificates if necessary.

Such a request must be approved by the shareholders and the resolution to be submitted by the director of the company. However, before this process is completed, that person will need to complete the necessary forms and submit the relevant KYC documentation. That person will also have to be reviewed before Acme Trust approves that person the act as a director or a shareholder.

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  • A friendly tax environment;
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  • Privacy-focused offshore legislation;
  • Nevis entities are completely legal for U.S. citizens;
  • and so much more…

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